My favorite comic books

Anna asked me during last #lrnchat to share my favorite comics. Yet an occasion to write once more. this has to become a habit.

I’m passionate with comic strips since I’m kid. Among my 4 dreams was to become a comic strip writer. I was quite good a drawing so this looked like a good plan. For my 14th birthday I was offered to spend an amount in books on how to realize comic strips. I bought a few on the topic plus a big book from an author I knew vaguely from a magazine (Pif le Chien). I didn’t really like this author. I didn’t like the fact that shapes where not fully surrounded with a clear line and black spots dominated. The book looked nice and like a call for leaving childhood comic strips behind and enter the real thing.

This book was Corto Maltese from Hugo Pratt. More books have been published after with longer titles. They are all good.

Starting from there I became also a voracious reader and buyer of comics. With my job of software engineer, having let go my ambitions of being myself drawing comic strips I indulged myself a weekly shopping tour for years. They are in the grown up style. Not that sex or violence dominate but they may occur. I maintained a database of my books.

I picked a few books. They couldn’t be all translated or available in your language. Feel free to use other titles. these are excellent authors and their work is regularly good.

Author: Bilal Title: La femme piège
Most last works from Bilal are excellent with a mix of ex USSR political fiction and science fiction.

Authors: Dupuy et Berberian Title: Les femmes et les enfants d’abord Serie: Monsieur Jean
Nice roman story of everyday life of young adults, first loves, marriage, children. Live like anyone could have it described with a lot of humour and candor. Refreshing.

Author: Gibrat Title: Le vol du corbeau
Stories of young people, romantic, tragic. Very realistic drawing, beautiful pictures. This one happens during WWII, In France.

Author: Schetter Title: Les lettres de Pearl
Realistic drawing, political fiction around second world war. This one takes place in Okinawa. Very clever.

Author: Schultheiss Title: Lagos connection Serie: Rêve du requin
Social, Political story taking place in Africa. Extremely violent but terribly moving.

Author: Sokal Title: Noces de brume Serie: Inspecteur Canardo
A world of animals but very adult. An private investigator, looser style. Beautiful pictures.

Author: Taymans,André Title: Rouge piscine
Again a private detective, a young woman. Solving enigms.

Author: Trondheim Title: Blacktown Serie: Lapinot
Again animals in place of humans, very philosophical stories of everyday life or transposed in the settings of legends.

Author: Yann Title: Ching Soao Serie: Innomables
Social, Political stories of veteran soldiers of French Vietnam war living a marginal in far east asia. A travel in not often told recent Asia history.

That’s all for today although I may add and change some titles in the future as well as add pictures of books covers.

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  • Helen Blunden

    One of the things that really stood out for me when I was in Paris some years ago were these fabulous bookshops with shelves upon shelves of comic books! I have never seen so many comic books in my life. This is something that is missing in Australia and it’s quite sad. Our selection of comic books is quite abysmal. It’s a pity as my father was an avid reader and collector and he gave us comic books when we were younger to inspire a love of reading. I recall the times when my brother and I used to read his hundreds of comic books. This was my introduction but the older we became, there was less choice in Australia. We grew up on TinTin, Asterix, Superman and various other superhero comics and of course, the wonderful Mad magazine (the American and the Australian versions). Now I have a husband who is a mad keen collector of Batman comics (to the point that he buys two of each book – one for reading, one for collecting) and has an impressive collection of graphic art books too. Comic books are wonderful for kids and it’s sad that we don’t have the impressive array of choice as the Europeans.

    • BrunoWinck

      True the choice is impressive. Such bookshops are also waterholes of tenacious collectors. They exchange their findings, their knowledge. I had sometimes the impression they know the authors better them authors know themselves. I’m really a detached collector, cultivating letting go, no ready to enter an argument about it.

      Nowdays the choice has been extended with all the comics from US and Japan.French are not very protective when it comes to comics. Also some foreign authors adopted the style of European style of describing their real life, political novels, journals so we have access to an even larger choice. I found recently very good ones from India.

      After hesitating a long time, I rebuild a shelve covering a complete wall of my room. It was a very spare style before, now it’s covered with comics. A selection I made from my even larger collection. It will take me a year to read them again. Comics are a good transition for a good sleep.