My Morning Ritual

First, I usually wake up naturally, without making use of an alarm-clock. I work late and I’m not an early riser, which fits well since my time zone is 5 hours ahead of most of my contacts. I could stay a few minutes stretching around in the warm air under the blankets and plan my day, specially in winter. I’m a comfy guy it seems. My stats say I’m sleeping about 7 hours on average and I’m happy to say I sleep very well.

When I’m ready to go, either I stand up directly (and kind of carelessly for my back I’ve been told) or I go for a small gym all on my back.I could get music from my Karotz (Buddha Bar IV Rebirth has been my soundtrack for the last years)

•20 times legs up
•10 some stretches between Butterfly (bend knees) to legs straight or Knee to Chest.
•20 times makarasana
•20 times legs up
•20 side stretches
•20 times legs up with pauses

That’s where I stand up, put my spectacles on. If I’m relaxed I would go for a few cat bend, neck exercises and a few Surya Namaskar followed by 3’ Pranayama. That’s already the grand slam for me. In rare occasions I would spend another 30′ of Yoga.

I dress and go down to the kitchen. For this I have to walk through the next room, then across a nice blue one that used to be mine but with less light, north oriented, some noise. Eventually I find a flight of stairs. I climb them down with care because it’s really a like a windmill ladder. Right in front of the stairs is the router winking at me that I’m connected. If my hands are free I indulge myself with a stretch from the top side of the stairs. I hang there and suspend in the air for a minute, excellent for my back.

Next I enter the kitchen, then the bathroom. I stand in front of the sink and watch my face: How do I look today? In summer I could use cold water but in winter it’s not an option it’s solid cold here. I let some water flow until it’s warm enough (I’m of the “frileux” type, sensitive to cold) and I wash.

Next I walk to the coffee machine; take the filter off to the compost bin; place a new one; fetch the coffee, 2 spoons and a pint of water. Filter coffee is now on progress. Meanwhile I fetch a cup, 4 sugar cubes, 2 in the cup, 2 aside. I get some French sour bread or cake. Bread will sometimes be cut in chunks and in the freezer. I pick a piece, place it in the microwave for 1’30.

Almost done, coffee, bread, marmalade (jam, homemade come’on ), radio. I switch on the radio, wait for coffee. I love this delicate Proustian moment of the day with the smell of coffee and bread. I dare say I’m an Epicurean and I enjoy such moments of serenity when our full attention is placed on small things. I pick the warm mug and start. I take a sip coffee, eat a mouthful of bread and marmalade. Rinse, repeat. Typically I’m following this ritual for the first cup. It often derails for the second. Either I’m already done with the bread or I’m impatient or exasperated by the news. In this case I would switch to the computer.

IMG_7745c1I’m working on the same large antique wood table. I picked this place instead of an office desk ready next door because it’s prettier, it’s facing the south and sunnier. It is also because it is the warmer place and handy to keep an eye on my culinary preparations. The entrance door is just there and leads to the garden, flowers, herbs and just after the fields and the mountains. There is not even a step or a transition. In summer this door stays open all day long, I’m really coding from the garden. Sometime a wandering cat, a frog or a bird enter the place. In winter the door stays closed and I keep taking breaks to get some warm tea. I have a wood fireplace behind me.

Now I switch off my computer during the night and I’m not using any other electronic equipment until the end of my breakfast. Sometimes I turn it on before breakfast to let it catch up, download stuff, terminate some compilations. It happens that I completed my second cup of coffee while reading news online, checking my email or drowning in the stream of my twitter homepage, not a good practice I found.

When I’m ready, which means really that my mind is clear and my hands don’t hold a cup, I start working. My first action is to write a note with the date, the day, the wake up time, which wake up pattern I followed this day, when I was ready and what I wish to do. I call it my “Things to Do”, it will be compared at the end of the day with what I did. I reconcile it also with my automated task tracking. I keep them for years.

Don’t believe I’m a very disciplined guy. Did I forgot to say that sometimes my ritual fails? I would take tea instead of coffee, start computer before everything, emails before taking a cup of coffee. It happens specially my habits are disturbed when I travel and live under different time zones or cultures. One thing I learned is to write but to never send anything before my last cup of coffee is over.

This is what my “Things To Do” looked like this morning:

2015.01.18 Sunday

09:00 Wake up, No Gym
09:20 Short run in the cold
09:30 Bought bread from the van, Breakfast
10:02 Ready

Things To Do:
– Done! Write
– Read BK
– Review Issel Edit changes
– Choose next #PKMChat Topic
– Tests

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