Sunday French Brunch in Countryside of Central France

Fromage dit you say fromage ? This post is a dedicated to @ChristinKardos and @CarolynPortanov online American chatty friends with whom I shared a lot of laugh for the last months. We work, we laugh. Working is learning and learning is work says @HJarche, I would add Life is laughing and laughing is working. What could be a best motivation.

I feel a lot of relief to be back in Summer. I can use my garden, get fresh food, move around. But I’m also very happy of the latest accompilshments I made on the web and for my blog. I learned a lot, could turn it into practice. So this was a kind of celebration. having such a nice community of people with whom I share all day long. being across chats, on blogs, on #PKMChat or outside had really be one of the blessings of the last years.

I felt specially happy this morning and took this occasion to record this video. In the back you can hear birds, the music I forgot to switch off. Since yesterday I was more in nostalgic, rather strange and sad songs. I feel that such songs in contrast of my feelings adds extra dimension.

I started with this one

Then this one

It was not intentional that you could hear it. I forgot to switch it off and didn’t expect the mike to capture it. it comes from inside the house, quite far away.

The “business” counterpart of this post.

The yellow flower is “dandelion”, again a French term “Dent De Lion”, means lion tooth. It’s an old french word inspired by the dented shape of the leave. Really the more I learn English the more I learn Old French :)

The Italian vinegar mix was really bad. I ditched it. Did a second serve of salad with plain balsamic vinegar.

Cheeses are: Saint Nectaire, Fourme d’Ambert, Bleu d’Auvergne.

Sauge is Sage or Salvia, I didn’t use it just mentionned. I use it for Spaguetti sauce and herbal tea.
The grass I picked and cut into the salad is chives
The grass I called Maroccan is actually Origano also used a lot in Greece. I have a large bush of it and it keeps spreading.

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