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My garden is a bit messy

It’s like a jungle. I planned it very organized, in 1×1 meter (3ft) squares. I’m not alone in this garden: nature, wind, sun, rain also take care of it. Some animals as well: birds, ants, bees, rabbits, a frog, a … Continue reading

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Unauthorized Biography: Colors

I call it “Unauthorized” because I’m not an authority to confirm this is all true. It’s sincere for sure, but one sided. Also, I omit discretionarily what could concern other people or has not interest for my readers. Violeta said … Continue reading

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My Resume in a few tweets

I planned for a while to share some of my story. Since will trace the story of the inception of Kneaver which covers several important milestones I will take benefit of this blog to share aspects slightly outside of … Continue reading

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Taking a new Habit of morning meditation

I started this 30 days Challenge on Meditation after reading John Stepper’s post on a similar experience he did. This was on June 27th, I started on July 1rst to be aligned with a month and to make sure I … Continue reading

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