My Resume in a few tweets

I planned for a while to share some of my story. Since will trace the story of the inception of Kneaver which covers several important milestones I will take benefit of this blog to share aspects slightly outside of my work and before I worked on Kneaver.

To get it going, to give it as start from a fresh point of view, I registered today on @Somewhere, inspired by @V4Violetta.

Propulsed by their provocations, 250 char by 250 chars. I shared some details with a few tweets collected below my answers, ordered by dates to turn it into a time-based resume.

Check it on Somewhere for a full experience

1976: First job, first money earned.

16 y old, I got me a job with a winemaker in Germany. Cold calling, foreign language, no background in farming. Was a delicious summer in vineyards, lodging was free (important for me), earned 600 DM, my first pay totally earned from my initiative :)

1980: Studies

I started by study mechanical engineering in high school, followed by Mathematics in University. Graduated and started a post grad in Geometrical Topology, gave up due to lack of finance and limited perspectives to get a job.

1990: Past roles

As I young CEO of a startup I was in charge of finance, funding, business plans, defining strategies and implementation. I learned by doing and shared with my co-founders on the fly. Learning, executing, sharing, delegating, iterate like this flower

2000: Tell about yourself

I’m a Travelling Software Architect. It pretty much describe my mindset. I’m now a Knowledge Management, Social and Lifelong Self-Directed Learning enthusiast. Founder of @kneaver. I started #PKMChat host

2005: Past Positions (and first screen shot of Kneaver precursor)

I started my first company “Caroline Informatique” as I dropped out Uni after graduation with 2 friends. We were doing 3D CADCAM software.
Next I started “RadialSoft Corp”, just myself, also CAD.
Picture was my CV on Kneaver first iteration ‘PE’ :)

2010: What’s your role

Founder, Travelling Software Architect at @kneaver
I design smart solutions for smart lifelong learners and smart teams
to leverage, extend and share their knowledge in a social, connected world.

I love to paint also does it count for my bio?

2015: What are your Main responsibilities

Listening, Understanding my target market, their needs, expectations, motivations and how a solution would fit in their already packed personal organization and bring them value for sure.
Implementation and selling follow from that seamlessly.

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