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Wow such a pretentious post, I don’t feel I know myself enough but I’m willing to give it a try as Michelle did yesterday:

So it’s going to be an iterative process and something I wish to add to the biography I started with colors and link to from my official bio on I’m going to review this page regularly as I sharpen the list.

The main problem to solve is a confusion I’m often doing between values, attitudes and traits. Could this help or that ? Not really.

The second problem is ordering those “values” as suggested. Ideas didn’t come in the following order. The order may change again.

Right to Ambivalence is a value for me. Like many people, I’m fluctuating between a range of attitudes depending on the context, the people. I changed also. When I tried to classify myself using MBTI, I realized I could fit into totally different molds. Ambivalence can go as far as being contradictory with myself over time. I’m OK with it. I claim that it is the value of people who can change opinion when they realize it’s necessary or proved to be more suited. It’s not a lack of consistency. When I look back, on the distance, I’m usually very consistent and dependable.

Love of humans and animals too. I traveled a lot, met people from totally different horizons and without intermediates. I love to share, I love to learn from others, I love to read also. I don’t see anyone as being off limits, I could talk with people with totally different views or life. The strong value behind is “sharing”. I don’t think humans are always good but also not especially bad. They are just humans and none are perfect. Connected to this love of humans and their variety is my addiction for traveling. Traveling and Working are two ways to reach out to other humans, to learn from them and to share what I have learned from others or created. This places me often in the role of connector. I believe in the complex nature of humans and humans feelings. I don’t believe there are ways to classify people or predict people. I also don’t think we can do their good against their will. We can provide help, support but not control or influence. I also think people may change under some circumstances, me included.

Questionner I’m passionate about understanding things. I like to discover, to explore. I’m willing to learn more about everything I could use, to learn languages, lifestyles, history but also computers techniques, learning, marketing. When I learn, I’m an explorer: I search, I dig, I compare and I question. I question myself continuously and I question others. Combining this curiosity with my requirement of rigorous analytic thinking, I can’t be satisfied with partial answers, or sales language. Shall we discuss, you will not convince me with weak arguments and I will come back with more questions.

Independence Taking decisions on my own, being my own master is important for me. There are risks attached and I bear them. I’m also open to listen and take advices. For me being independent is also being open for some interdependence based on well-understood relations, When Kneaver Corp will grow I don’t plan to have a team in one place, with 9AM-5PM coworkers but a network of people with competencies collaborating in a flexible way. It’s not doing everything by myself but I like having the possibility to do it. I also like to be able to cook, garden and tinker by myself.

Doing My passion is doing, inventing, creating not learning. I’m stimulated by the pleasure I have to perform intellectually. I like to use my understanding to make sense of problems to solve. I will learn to gather as much as possible from the situations, the possibilities, the choices left open. I will search for solutions, have ideas, invent new solutions and build prototypes. When I learn I’m often experimenting in the same time, try to see the limits of applicability of what I learn. I like to share my findings, my work. having users, customers fits in the pleasure of sharing my work.

Happiness and being connected. I believe Happiness is a given. On need, we should be reminded to go back to this stage. For me being happy is simply being connected to my present stage, not being in the expectative of a future wellbeing, not fearing the future, not grieving or regretting the past, not wishing being somewhere else. Just being in sync with present conditions. Of course on the way of my activities I loose constantly this balance like we shortly loose balance for every step when we walk but it should be short and go from stable enjoyable moments to another, not being constant unsatisfaction. On some occasions life, work and success are connected and it’s a nice moment to live. I have not always though like this.

Rationality I tend to consider that logic is a good way to make sense and consider the world. I’ve been to far in maths and logic to be naive to consider that everything can be solved with strict logic but this school of thought influence my decisions and judgment. Let’s call it partial fuzzy logic. Partial because I know that not everything can be understood using such approach. I know also that not everything can be explained and/or reduced to simple models. I’m perfectly ok to suspend my critical thinking and engage discussions on Kundalini or NLP or religion with Hindu monks. Just, at the end before deciding what I will take away, I will apply my rationality to it and select what I keep for me. As a consequence of this, I’m not a believer of anything outside humans. For me nobody is in charge or in control of us, we are fully in charge of ourselves. Another consequence of this strong requirement of rationality is that I can hardly cope with lies and tentatives of obscure my judgment with poor arguments. I have no consideration for lazy, group or conservative thinking.

Ethic I don’t follow many prescribed cultural moral values but I adhere to a few core ones: Not to steal, affect and abuse anyone. Stay as much as possible away from limits of privacy of others. Avoid influencing or impacting people. People have belief and I respect them, if such beliefs or attitudes are disturbing for me, I will usually resort to avoid them, not enter arguments. I don’t like violence, wars or weaponry. I’ve never been under fire but I have been several times in proximity of combat zones or armies. For me, patriotisms, armies, and borders are more ways to put pressure on people and use them than to protect communities. Being in an armed country who didn’t win a war for the last 2 centuries, failed to protect its citizen several times, I have serious doubt on the efficiency of armed forces. Being aware, staying informed is an important part of this value. On need it could lead to being involved although I have not done it often.

Importance of Feelings Feelings and sharing feelings is important for me. With my rational side I accommodate to live with my feelings and be receptive to the feeling of others. Feelings are also my connection with my fellow humans and creativity, imagination. I’m not afraid of showing my feelings. I use my rationality to prevent them to overwhelmed me or guide all my decisions. This is also a view that changed.

Live fully I like the idea of being open to everything. I can eat anything, drink anything. I like to read, paint, use my brain, my body. Life is for enjoying pleasures. Work is just one among them. Enjoying pleasures don’t bring happiness but don’t contradict either.

Simplicity I’m perfectly at ease with a very simple living. It fits well my current lifestyle of startup founder, but even if I was earning much more, my life wouldn’t be so different because I’m just not interested in shiny things. I believe also that with 7 billion humans on this small planet, all perfectly capable of doing all kinds of work, there is not work for everyone. A future society can’t be built of consumerism and promise of work for everyone. Other ways of sharing work and means of life will be necessary. Simplicity is not hard for me because I’ve always lived simply. traveling teaches simplicity and doing with very little as well. Finally, most of my richness are in my head, my connections, my inventions, not in my tangible assets.

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  • Michelle Ockers

    A fascinating insight into you Bruno. It is only recently that I’ve realised how important travel is to you and how much you have moved around, and that this current period where you are living in one place with little travel is unusual. I wonder if ‘right to ambivalnce’ is similar to ‘flexibility’. I can see you are very much ‘your own’ person, with a trust in your ability to think things through and decide what you will or will not accept or believe. I look forward to meeting you face to face and having a long conversation one day.

    • BrunoWinck

      Thank you your comment, Michelle,

      I see flexibility more as a quality, a strength while right to ambivalence is more a freedom to hold two apparently contradictory positions. It could also be a right to be wrong sometimes, to test, or to fail.

      I’m planning a follow up on strength and following your suggestion I’ll use the idea but name it “agility”. I see agility as being flexibility with an intent and being self-imposed. it’s also a term used a lot in Software Development for 30 years already and I’m proud to say that my teams have always been agile’s only recently that it’s being used in other domains.

      Same, I look forward visiting Australia. I don’t how I have never been there. I’m in my motivation to meet face to face all the tweeps who shared this story with me. It’s going to be fun.