A Perfect Day

Do you remember this song from Lou Reed Just a Perfect Day? OK but it’s not the topic of this post. This is in my serie about Personal Devlopment, being more productive. The inspiration came from the last issue of Sian Richardson‘s newsletter.

The basic idea is that you map out your DREAM day, from start to finish. You then slowly start to choose areas from that perfect day that you can start incorporating into your life TODAY.

I liked the idea and started to jot down a plan. My dreams are very simple and basically rotated around achieving my goals: having customers for Kneaver. Once this achieved I may change a bit. I felt it was also the right approach to have an overview of all my processes and how the timesheet, the tinyhabits and my goals fits together. Good place also to dispell some myths. I’m not super productive, I just want it so bad as Gary V says.

I don’t know how you find the time to do everything!

Should I place on my professional blog or on my personal blog? Hard to decide, I tend to say that as soon as it involves my personal lifestyle it’s better here. I don’t recommend my lifestyle. It’s fits into the idea of working out loud and being authentic to share it, nothing more. It’s also something I want to pursue: blogging about life, lifestyle, lifehack on Sunday.

Here it goes

It’s a work day as I would like to do, it doesn’t work yet

8:30 Wake up – 5 minutes reflection – gym – yoga – pranayama – 3′ meditation
9:00 Wash – Clean the mess – prepare coffee
9:30 Drink 3 cups of coffee + 3 slices of homemade cake – listen podcast – short look to news/Twitter/FB/Mail
10:00 Set Time to start working (TinyHabit #1), prepare timesheet, allow Read 1 or 2 posts, Kneaver Moment
10:30 Write 1H, It’s the duration that counts, not if I publish zero, one or two posts
11:30 Go for a walk if time permit or gardening
12:30 Prepare meal – Check Mail/Twitter/FB – Read/Learn
13:00 Eat – Listen to a podcast
13:30 Coffee – MiniHabit #2 Read a handwritten note, copy it
14:00 Frog or Main Focus Task or Coding
This mean that I’m not really productive before 2PM
16:00 Break: Check News/Email/Twitter/FB – Reinforce Learnings on Kneaver
16:30 Focus Task or Coding
18:30 Mini Break Email/Twitter/FB
19:00 Small tasks or task for enhancing my environment or life: could be cooking, tinkering, drawing
20:00 Twitter Chats on Wednesday/Thursday
21:00 Eat Podcast? maybe
21:30 Coding or DevOps
23:30 Break Email/Twitter/FB/News/Read
24:00 Long reflective bath, or conversation on Social Media or exploring ideas or worst case scenario: try to get something out of the day
01:00 Last check of Mail/Twitter/FB
TinyHabit #3 Find a positive aspect of the day
Go to Bed

First remarks

Doesn’t look like a perfect day? Well it’s a work day. Days “Off” are the same just I start a bit later. Otherwise don’t worry I’m very happy as is and I have other plans for later, I’m excellent at spending good time.
Pomodoro don’t work well for coding or marketing cuz you need long focused periods. Some years ago I was using periods of 90 minutes followed by 30 minutes breaks or minor activities.
Coding is hardly predictable because you often get into traps, tasks that totally exceed your expectations.
I learn all the time, even when it’s written “coding” or “marketing” there is often reading, experiences, research being done. Learning is 20% of time. Most of my breaks are dedicated to learning.
DevOps (taking care of servers, installing new versions implies a lot of waiting time. It’s often multitasked with other things when I don’t need focus.
Sian design is much more stylish, I’ll try to make this page nicer. You will have to subscribe to her newsletter to get a glimpse.

How to get there<:h4>
– My days are still not regular. I tend to have a circadian cycle of 26h, so every day I will drift 2 hours later. Occasionally I sleep only 4 hours to realign myself. In 2016, I’ll try to be ready to work for 10AM. This could be done by being more predictable in my short nights. I usually sleep two cycles of 3 to 4 hours. I get asleep at once and sleep in one stretch.
– Podcasts are a new addition in my life. It took time to arrange the playback of a queue of podcasts. I queue what i’m interested it and the Karotz will play them back just by passing an RFID. If I don’t want to listen to this topic, I pass again the token, it goes to the next one. Convenient. This mean also that I gave up listening to the radio. I’m disgusted by the politics and rather pessimist on that point, some would say I’m realistic :)
– 2 hours of work in one stretch is really good, doing it 3 times a day would be really efficient. The time tracking application will allow me to check how much I fit into it. The real problem I face today is that I’m too easily distracted. I tend to switch to another window and see what’s going on. Again I have now tools for that. We will see how far it goes.
– I still struggle to find time to enhancing my environment. Cooking goes well, small DIY as well but I lack quietness of mind to paint and willpower to finalize some ambitious project I started 2 years ago. I have to be better here at staggering tasks. Meanwhile, I will do some sketches.

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