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A letter from myself in 5 years

2016 Me: Bruno? … 2016 Me: Bruno. I’m so sorry to disturb you. You look so relax on this beach lounger with a frosty adult beverage in your hand. Nice beach by the way, where are we? 2022 Me: Whitsunday … Continue reading

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Travelling Journal: 1978 1. The wrong side of things

Fast forward 3 years, same time of year, mid-April, last day of holidays. 6 hours I’m waiting here, stuck on the side of the road. I’m hitch-hiking back home. It’s hot and I’m on the main road crossing Yugoslavia from … Continue reading

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Travelling Journal: 1975 2. Meeting Asia in London

In the preceding episode, I described with humour my accidental participation to “Changing the Guards” on my first trip to London, at 15 years old. This episode is more reflective by nature before we get into the most adventurous parts … Continue reading

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Travelling Journal: 1975 1. Biking in London

I started this #DigiWriMo by setting up a column with the hashtag on Tweetdeck and here came the first tweet. This was from @Sensor63 which although writing in English happens to be my nearest PLN member that I never met … Continue reading

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My garden is a bit messy

It’s like a jungle. I planned it very organized, in 1×1 meter (3ft) squares. I’m not alone in this garden: nature, wind, sun, rain also take care of it. Some animals as well: birds, ants, bees, rabbits, a frog, a … Continue reading

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Unauthorized Biography: Colors

I call it “Unauthorized” because I’m not an authority to confirm this is all true. It’s sincere for sure, but one sided. Also, I omit discretionarily what could concern other people or has not interest for my readers. Violeta said … Continue reading

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My Resume in a few tweets

I planned for a while to share some of my story. Since will trace the story of the inception of Kneaver which covers several important milestones I will take benefit of this blog to share aspects slightly outside of … Continue reading

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Taking a new Habit of morning meditation

I started this 30 days Challenge on Meditation after reading John Stepper’s post on a similar experience he did. This was on June 27th, I started on July 1rst to be aligned with a month and to make sure I … Continue reading

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Sunday French Brunch in Countryside of Central France

Fromage dit you say fromage ? This post is a dedicated to @ChristinKardos and @CarolynPortanov online American chatty friends with whom I shared a lot of laugh for the last months. We work, we laugh. Working is learning and learning … Continue reading

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A case for fertile discussions

Chris Barrows sent me a nice feedback on my way to discuss online. @brunowinck As an aside, i’d also like to thank you – I feel like a lot of people “just agree” with things – I appreciate your opinions! … Continue reading

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