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A letter from myself in 5 years

2016 Me: Bruno? … 2016 Me: Bruno. I’m so sorry to disturb you. You look so relax on this beach lounger with a frosty adult beverage in your hand. Nice beach by the way, where are we? 2022 Me: Whitsunday … Continue reading

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Travelling Journal: 1978 1. The wrong side of things

Fast forward 3 years, same time of year, mid-April, last day of holidays. 6 hours I’m waiting here, stuck on the side of the road. I’m hitch-hiking back home. It’s hot and I’m on the main road crossing Yugoslavia from … Continue reading

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Taking a new Habit of morning meditation

I started this 30 days Challenge on Meditation after reading John Stepper’s post on a similar experience he did. This was on June 27th, I started on July 1rst to be aligned with a month and to make sure I … Continue reading

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Sunday French Brunch in Countryside of Central France

Fromage dit you say fromage ? This post is a dedicated to @ChristinKardos and @CarolynPortanov online American chatty friends with whom I shared a lot of laugh for the last months. We work, we laugh. Working is learning and learning … Continue reading

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A case for fertile discussions

Chris Barrows sent me a nice feedback on my way to discuss online. @brunowinck As an aside, i’d also like to thank you – I feel like a lot of people “just agree” with things – I appreciate your opinions! … Continue reading

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Snow, Snow and sun

Back from the heat of Chennai into the winter season. The landscape is covered with a 15 cm thick mantel of snow. Outside silence, peace, untouched snow, cold. Inside smell of spices, masala tchai, yoga and computers.

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Changement de la photo d’entête

J’ai remplacé la photo du thème par une photo à moi. D’une part la photo d’origine manquait d’à propos (le coté chemin bordé d’arbres, l’homme qui marche de dos, c’est un peu évident) puis j’en avais d’autres sous la main. … Continue reading

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